Lifetime Warranty

EliKing Electronic Pulse Massager iPro Massager lifetime guarantee statement. The only guarantee that covers it all!

EliKing is committed to developing products of superior design, performance and value. We pride ourselves on developing an ongoing, lifelong relationship with you, our consumer. Due to our extreme confidence in our products and our insatiable desire to deliver only the highest level of service, we have created the most consumer-friendly guarantee in the massage product industry.

If your iPro Massager III  is ever broken or damaged, we will repair it or replace it free of charge – Simple as that! Here’s how the guarantee works:

A. Fill out our registration form, including your current address so we’ll be able to ship you the repaired / replacement.

B. Notify us by phone or email about the damaged product, and we’ll guide you with the next steps.

C. Send us the damaged product.

D. Get your repaired / new product.


Our  guarantee will cover the repair of all functional aspects of your iPro Massager III for life!   Our warranty ONLY covers I PRO Massagers purchased from an authorized reseller.  Purchasing on eBay or Amazon new or used condition … Warranty is not applicable if purchased from these outlets. All sales are final.