Electronic Pulse Massager – Elikning iPro Massager – Technology


Having a massage is not only a luxury any longer, it has great health benefits, stimulates blood circulation, and relieves pain in minutes. Usually, when thinking about a massage, the relaxing treatment is associated with expensive spas, time and effort. But now, with IPro Massager III, you can have it all anytime, anywhere. A massage can change your quality of life and health on many levels, so it should be a part of your daily routine.

The right massage stimulates the blood circulation and increases levels of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue in the target area. This helps the body release waste. It helps build a stronger, healthier body, and eases muscle discomfort. IPro Massager III helps your body rejuvenate.

Electronic Pulse Massager IPro Massager III treats your body by sending electric impulses to your muscles. With different modes, you can control what treatment to get, in what intensity and how frequent. The electrodes are pads that easily attach to the skin, and the gentle and safe electric pulses simply work on your muscles. IPro Massager III has been specifically designed to help relieve pain and tension on all body parts. Athletes, elder’s, women after giving birth, people who suffer muscle pain, or just those who like to relax are just a few who are getting the benefits from this unit.


IPro Massager III technology allows you to get a full-body treatment or a specific targeted one. With easy-to-operate device, which offers 6 different modes:

Deep Tissue Massage – For stronger massage and relief of pain in a short time

Light Acupressure – Focusing on a target area, this mode works the muscle slowly to reduce pain

Shiatsu – For blood stimulation and removal of blockages

Deep Acupressure – With focusing on specific area, this mode works deeper to release knots and bring instant relief

Deep Pulsation – For very strong target treatment that reduces pain in minutes

Combination of All Modes – For a full treatment, blood circulation, release knots and blockages and relaxation


You have the ability to increase or reduce the intensity of the pulses, so you can have a deep treatment or just a calming one.

The battery lasts up to eight hours, and is rechargeable. With the USB cable, you can recharge it by connecting to a regular wall outlet or to a computer. The device and accessories are so compact that you can take it anywhere you go and enjoy a soothing relaxation.