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Healthy Oxygen Meter,
Oxygen Generation
NEB Atomizing.
The amount of oxygen in the air is about 20.9%, The Oxygen Meter output is 55%

(1) Turning the device ON/OFF
1. Plug the power adaptor into the power socket.
2. Plug the power cord into the power connector on back of the device.
3. Press the “ON/OFF”button,the indicate light turns to white when the
device is ON.
4. When the device is ON, it comes to the default mode-Oxygen generation
mode. The LED light shows colorful. And the Oxygen starts coming out from
the outlet.
5. The device will turn off automatically after 40mins. Press the “ON/OFF”
button three times to stop and press the button again to restart the device.
(2) Oxygen Generation Mode
Press the “ON/OFF” button to start the Oxygen generation mode
The default mode is oxygen generation, the Oxygen output flow is 1L/min,
the Oxygen concentration is 35%—55%. This function is not intended for
medical treatment.
1. Connect the plug of the oxygen pipe to the oxygen outlet .
2. Insert the oxygen pipe plug into the oxygen outlet tightly.
3. Put the oxygen pipe on your head.
4. The oxygen nozzle should be directed towards the noses and the oxygen
will be better in 5cm.
Effective oxygen inhalation method
No particular/specific time period, enjoy the oxygen anytime as you like.


(3) (NEB) (NEB) atomizing Mode
Press the “ON/OFF” button to switch to (NEB) (NEB) atomization mode.
1. Please do (NEB) (NEB) atomization with the (NEB) atomizing set.
2. Add the eyedropper or prescribed therapeutic medications to the
specified standard container.
3. Connect the connection pipe to the air intake of the (NEB) atomizing cup.
4. Press the “ON/OFF” button to start the machine after power on, and
press the “ON/OFF” button again to start the (NEB) atomizing mode.
5. Press the “ON/OFF” button again to switch to ion purification mode.
6. Press the “ON/OFF” button once more to turn off the machine and all
the indication lights turns off.