Electronic Pulse Massager – IPro Massager III Shoes

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Treat yourself to a foot massage now with the fantastic Electronic Pulse Massager iPro Massager III Massage Shoes. Easy to use anytime and anywhere. These shoes come in one size with adjustable top to fit all. You can hook these shoes up with any of our IPRO Massagers and experience the massaging pulses.

Unit includes one set of two massage shoes (left and right.)


2 reviews for Electronic Pulse Massager – IPro Massager III Shoes

  1. O

    I have some issues with my feet and I see a chiropractor once a week. He recommended I’ll get a pulse unit, saying it’ll decrease pain and increase feeling that I seem to loose. I got the shoes and they’re really are helpful. I control the power, I can take them anywhere. Highly recommended product.

  2. Jonthan

    This is a very good product. It massages my feet – I feel like I’m in a spa without the cost.

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