Electronic Pulse Massager – IPro Massager III Abdominal Belt

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The Electronic Pulse Massager iPro Massager III Abdominal Belt is great for relaxation, monthly cramps, or toning your muscles. Its adjustable Velcro belt helps you target the desired area Рfront or back. You can hook the belt up with any of our IPRO Massagers and experience the massaging pulses.

Unit includes one main large belt pad and one Velcro belt.

3 reviews for Electronic Pulse Massager – IPro Massager III Abdominal Belt

  1. Tyler

    I had one of these older model. Got it for my husband for Christmas two years ago. I like it too but my only gripe with it is, it doesn’t go up far enguoh. But now they have a neck massager now that might be nice. Coz that’s where I usually hurt from sitting at the desk.

  2. O

    I got this product in Los Angeles, and I love it. Not only it helps with my pain, it actually helps build muscle. I was very surprised and excited.

  3. Jeanny

    OMG! I got it to reduce pain of my monthly cramps, and just felt in love with it. The surprise was that after about a month, I notices my belly got smaller and toned! Highly recommend to anyone!!!1

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