Electronic Pulse Massage Socks – iPro Massager III

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Now you can treat your feet with the one-of-a-kind iPro Massager III Electronic Pulse Massager Socks. Choose from the different modes on your IPRO Massage unit to customize the perfect setting for relaxation or physical treatment. You can hook these socks up with any of our IPRO Massagers and experience the massaging pulses.

Kit includes two socks.

3 reviews for Electronic Pulse Massage Socks – iPro Massager III

  1. SarahG

    This is really nice. I never saw anything like this before. I found it online and I bought it. I really like the fact it’s targeted. I have problems with my feet and it really helps relieve the pain.

  2. Eve Perry

    I just bought the full massage kit with the socks, shoes and belt. I love my massager and bought the socks and can’t figure out how they work. I wish that there was a more in depth user manual for the whole massage kit and acupressure points. I have heard that you can’t put a tens unit on your head but see that there are many acupressure points located on the head. So I am very confused. My sister had a bad car accident and has severe whip lash and headaches and I wish there was more information with the kit and on-line help. Her situation is very severe and I certainly don’t want to exacerbate it but feel like it would be very beneficial.

  3. Nancy

    Have the IPRO massager 3, brought it 2 years ago, great to use and it works. I have recommended to my friends and family

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